Funny Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

250+ Romantic Birthday Wishes for your Boyfriend

Boyfriend’s birthday coming close? Don’t worry! As we have the Best collection of Romantic Birthday Wishes for your Boyfriend that you actually need to make him feel special and to make this birthday memorable.

Birthday Wishes for your Boyfriend

Romantic Birthday Wishes for your Boyfriend

When two hearts are meant to be together, no distance can ever be great enough to separate them. I really love you.

On your birthday I would like to tell you that you are not a good boyfriend, in fact you are the best. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thank you for coming into my life and enriching it. I wish you a happy birthday!

I can’t thank your mother enough for giving birth to my soul mate. Happy birthday my love!

On your birthday, I wish you all the health, wealth and happiness. A very happy birthday, baby!

May you get everything you want, may you succeed wherever you go, may we always be together no matter how many obstacles come our way. I wish you a happy birthday!

I was weak, lost and broken before, but everything changed the moment I met you. Thank you for everything, my dear.

To the most wonderful son, brother and boyfriend, you are a treasure to be cherished.

No words can really explain how special you and your birthday are to me. I love you darling.

Many happy returns of the day to the love of my life.

Happy birthday to my hero, who has always supported me. I feel so blessed that you are mine and I am yours.

I know I don’t always say it, but you are everything to me. My life would be incomplete without you. On your birthday, I want to declare my love for you. Happy birthday baby, I really love you!

Can you imagine what life would be like without me? Okay, baby, even I can’t. I’m so lucky to have a loving partner like you. Happy birthday to the man of my dreams.

You are my moon, my sun, my stars and my universe. Happy birthday to the best partner in the world.

No matter how many ups and downs we face, I will always stand by you.

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To my best friend, my soul mate and my partner: Happy birthday, my love!

Happy birthday to the love of my life. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, only you!

Before I met you, I was all alone. After meeting you, I felt so happy and secure. Thank you for everything baby. I wish you a tight hug and a long kiss, happy birthday!!!

Even a Monday feels like a Sunday when I’m with you. Yeah, you have that effect on me. Happy birthday my love!

Your beauty is so contagious that I am beautiful too when I am with you, inside and out. I wish you a very happy birthday, baby!

No man was good enough for me until you came into my life. I thank my stars for finding you.

birthday wishes for boyfriend quotes

Every day is so special with you, but today is very special because it’s your birthday, my love. I wish you with all my heart and soul, happy birthday!

The person who makes my day and my life happier is completing another year of life. Happy Birthday my love!

It is so good to be by your side on your birthday. Every day I thank God for your existence and for the joy of sharing life by your side.

Happy Birthday my love! You are a special boyfriend and I only wish that your life is filled with everything that makes you good.

Happy birthday, my love! I wish you a lot of success, accomplishments, good health, and a lot of peace.

My love, may each path you choose hold good surprises. May none of us forget the strength that you possess. Happy Birthday!

I thank you for being by your side and for being this wonderful person that accompanies me. I wish you many years of life and I hope that all these years will be by my side!

The greatest gift I received in life was you! You are a dream that came true! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, my love! May your life be rich in health, peace, happiness, dreams achieved, and prosperity!

Happy Birthday, sweetheart! Your life is part of mine, your joy also makes me happy. May your victories be huge and may God’s blessings always be upon you!

Happy Birthday, my love! May your days be filled with the same happiness that you give me.

You are far away, but the love and security you make me feel from afar makes me feel like the luckiest woman in the world! Happy Birthday my love!

On this special day, even if you are far away, I want to tell you about my love for you, I want to tell you that I love you! I wish on this day all the happiness in the world for you! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, my love! I hope you are very happy. I wanted to be with you to celebrate this very special day. I wish you millions of happiness, I will always be here. Love you!

I’ll give you the present when we see each other again, but my wishes for an incredible birthday are already here. Enjoy your day, my love!

I want to make it clear how much I love you and how much I wish you happiness on this special day, even though I am far away. Have a beautiful and memorable birthday!

Happy birthday, my darling. Every year you get older, the more you become an amazing man. I miss you so much, see? I love you!

Happy Birthday, my love! How I wanted to be close to you in this very special moment… Another year full of life for you and for us. I love you!

I only wish I could give you the tightest hug in the world right now, but unfortunately the distance took you away from me. But I love you with all my heart, see? Happy birthday, love of my life.

I can’t wait for you to come back and shower you with the cuddles you so richly deserve! Happy birthday, my big love.

Thanks to you, I finally understand what it means to be in love. I love you to bits, and I mean it. Happy Birthday my lover.

Because your birthday is only once a year, it’s special, just like you. I don’t know what I would do without you in my life. Congratulations my love.

Every time I hear love songs, I immediately think of you. Maybe because my heart is always with you, or maybe because the songs describe us perfectly. It doesn’t really matter. I just want you to know what you mean to me. Here are my best wishes for your birthday.

birthday wishes to your boyfriend

There are thousands of languages and as many ways to say I love you. But I wish I could speak them all so I could tell you in a thousand ways how important you are to me.

You are my rock and my support. Who knew I would be so attached and dependent on you? Best wishes for your birthday, honey. I hope you are as happy as I am with you.

Every day is a new opportunity to appreciate your presence in my life. But your birthday is even more special. The only thing I can think of is to write you a unique birthday message. Happy Birthday my lover.

If I said I love you, I wouldn’t be completely honest. Because my feelings for you are a mixture of love, admiration, respect and gratitude. But we’ll just talk about love. Happy birthday to my boyfriend!

Every time you close your eyes, I want you to remember that you will always be in my heart. I carry my love for you everywhere I go. Here are my wishes to wish you a happy birthday my love.

I can’t say I love you big like this, because it’s not enough. My love for you would fill the whole galaxy if it could. But for now, I’ll keep it in my heart. Happy birthday to my boyfriend!

Many are the mysteries, like where the wind comes from, and how much I love you. All I know is that it’s a whole love and I can’t wait to share it with you.

This card is lucky because it contains some of the love I have for you. Now all her card buddies are going to be jealous. But whatever. Happy birthday baby.

I can’t believe you’re already a year older. It doesn’t seem like we’ve been dating long. Maybe because I want every moment with you to last forever. Congratulations my darling. I love you and sometimes I’m sorry. I put you through a lot of hardship and stress, and I often feel like I don’t deserve you. But I am very grateful to have you. Happy birthday my lover, I love you.

They say people like us are too young to love, but they have never met us. The way you love me would make Romeo and Juliet jealous, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. Congrats on your birthday baby.

Hugs and kisses for the man I think of when I cry while watching romantic movies. Thank you for giving me a real life love story. Congratulations on your birthday.

I never understood why lovers were so happy in love stories until I met you. Now I understand why they smile when they see each other, and why they cry when they leave each other. I want to be with you and smile forever. I love you baby.

The best gift I could ever give you on this day is my company, my presence and my support. Because it’s the best gift you’ve ever given me and I can’t wait to give it back to you. Congratulations on your birthday baby.

Congratulations to the best and most beautiful man in the world. Your birthday present is a love story with the most beautiful girl in the world. Oh no wait, you’ve already got it! Happy birthday dear.

Today is your birthday and it’s the perfect time to make a wish. Mine came true the day I met you. Happy Birthday my love!

The more the years go by the more I love you. Wishing you an amazing birthday my love!

On this special day, I raise a glass to you and your life. Happy birthday my love!

I’m happy that your birthday is finally here. A new phase of your life has just begun, express it at its best. Happy birthday my love!

I hope this special day brings you everything your heart desires. Happy birthday my love!

And this year too, it’s time to blow out the candles and most importantly make a wish. Mine came true: to have the person I love next to me. Happy birthday my love!

Remember that your best years are still ahead of you and I will always be there by your side if you want me to be. Happy birthday my love!

With each passing year you are getting better and better, and I can’t help but love you more and more. Happy birthday my love!

How do you keep looking younger and younger! Happy birthday my love!

The love of my life is one year older today. I’m happy to have spent it with you, and I hope it’s the beginning of many more that we will celebrate together. Happy Birthday!!!

I’m happy to be the person you share this chapter of your life with. I love you so much, my darling. Happy Birthday!!!

Don’t worry if the number of candles on the cake is increasing – they better light up your face, that look and smile that made me fall in love with you. Happy birthday my love!

I wish you much happiness for today and forever. Happy birthday my love!

It warms my heart to think that your birthdays mark not only your life, but also mine, today and for many, many years to come. Best wishes my love and one hundred of these days, together!

Even though you are getting old for me you will always remain the most wonderful, charming and sweet man on the face of the earth. Happy birthday my love!

My love, thank you for teaching me the true meaning of love. We may be far apart, but I know that our love always keeps us close. Happy Birthday!

Love, do you know that you make me feel like the luckiest person on earth! I wish you a birthday as gorgeous as you are!

I am so proud to share my life with you and to be able to share moments like this. Happy birthday my love!

Life is a journey that I want to walk with you. Happy birthday my love!