Happy Birthday Wishes for Husband

599+ Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Husband

Birthday Messages for Husband Funny

birthday quotes for husband

On the outside older, on the inside a real child. Happy birthday, hubby, my sweet boy!

Every time I want to buy you a birthday present, I end up buying a lot of things for myself. Your birthdays are expensive, but you deserve it, hubby! Happy Birthday!

I always said I wanted to grow old with you, but not that it was a race to see who could get there first. Happy birthday, hubby! 🎂

My love, even getting old I love you. Happy birthday! 😝❤️

Your gift today, my love, will be that you don’t have to do the dishes. Which doesn’t change anything, does it? Just a normal day! 😂

Ah, my love, even though you are this lazy being, my heart is yours. It’s you who makes me laugh, who makes me be someone better. I love you very much.

I will always be here to make this day very special. You deserve all the love in the world. Happy birthday, hubby!

It’s your birthday, that infamous date that reminds us of the age difference we have, dear husband. You are getting older and older! Happy birthday, hubby!

The important thing is to remember that I love you and wish you all the best on this birthday. So, who knows, you may forget that I didn’t buy you a present, my love! 😅

Today is the big day! I am planning a big party for you, my love. I don’t know if you can handle it, because I know how old you are.

Don’t worry, the party will be early and with plenty of seating so you can keep up. I also bought a giant birthday cake to make sure all the old ladies will fit.

Happy birthday, my love! I love growing old with you

Today you complete another year of life, dear husband, and everybody knows that as we get older, we get wiser.

That is very true for everybody, except in your case. Not that you are not getting old, because you are getting very old, but wisdom has not yet shown signs of life. We’ll have to wait a while longer to see if it shows up, although I don’t really believe it will anymore.

Happy birthday, hubby!

It’s time to blow out another candle, my love! Just like me you get older, but you never seem to get any more mature! We were made for each other and that is why we are happily married until today!

I know how much you love a party, so be sure to enjoy every second of your day and fill it with laughter, fun, and lots of joy.

Congratulations on another year of life and may you be as happy as I am with you. Many kisses, my beautiful husband!

Even after all these years of marriage, every time I wake up I have the purest certainty that I have found my soul mate! You were the greatest gift I ever received in my entire life and on this very special day my happiness increases infinitely for being able to celebrate your birthday once again.

You brought a joy that had never before existed in my life, all your dedication to making me happy, caused a relationship of affection so great between us, that until today I have never noticed in any other couple. I feel more than privileged to have you by my side and I hope I can spend the rest of my life by your side.

I wish you the best feelings there are, that you have a day full of good surprises and can feel how much you are loved by so many people. May we be eternal lovers, falling in love every day with each other always accompanied by much love and complicity.

May this new age renew your health, recharge your courage and inspiration to live, always with a lot of joy, good humor, and fun. May all your dreams come true and may I be part of them all.

I love you for all my life, my eternal soul mate!

Happy Birthday!

Mom, today was the day God chose to send to earth this angel that is you. I am very happy that He chose you to be my mother. Happy Birthday!


Mom, today the world wakes up happier to celebrate the life of the amazing woman you are. I love you with all my heart! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the woman I love most in the world! Mom, I wish you all the love and happiness there can be! Happy Birthday!

Congratulations on another birthday! May the new age be full of achievements and great joys!

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