Birthday Texts Messages

399+ Best Birthday Texts Messages

Happy Birthday Texts Funny

Happy Birthday Texts Funny
Happy Birthday Texts Funny

I hope you have a day filled with annoying phone calls, facebook notifications and text messages. Happy Birthday

To the only person I’ll save from a zombie invasion. Happy birthday to you

Sorry you need to pull down the whole menu on websites to select your birth year. Happy birthday to you

I wish you a happy 24 hours of constant Facebook notifications on your birthday.

May you live this long, until you start wearing diapers again.

They say age is in the mind. The problem is keeping it from crawling into your body. Happy birthday to you.

I can’t remember how old you are, and I don’t care. But let’s celebrate like you’re 20.

You’re older. You’re wiser. You’re more sophisticated. Now you’ve become more mature to care about the material things in life like presents. Happy birthday to you.

My plane crashed, but I am fine, My car was stolen yesterday, I missed the bus, and my cell phone battery is dead, that’s why I couldn’t reach you yesterday, Forgive me and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

I hope you will appreciate the time it took me, to make a decision, not to buy you a present for your birthday.

You must have one of the best plastic surgeons. There’s no other explanation! Happy birthday to you.

You know when you start to get old, that’s when you walk up the stairs and call, that’s exercise. Happy birthday to you!

You think you’re getting old. You are not… You were old last year, now you are very old.

Welcome to the age of ear hair and bifocals. Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to someone who is funny, smart and beautiful…and reminds me a lot of myself.

Tonight you get to dance the night away…Oh yeah that’s right, you’re older, so you get to watch other people dance the night away…Oh yeah that’s right you’re still [age], so just try to stay awake, that’ll be good! Happy Birthday!

Today is a special day and a beautiful angel will whisper “Happy Birthday” in your ear. Don’t worry, I’ll call you later to whisper it.

30 is the perfect age. You’re old enough to be able to afford good shoes and young enough to get your butt kicked.

I’ve got nothing to say. I’m just in it for the cake.

Someone like you is way too important for me to just give her a birthday card! That’s why you can keep the envelope too!

Some people say that getting old is an art! So if that’s true…you must be a Picasso! Happy Birthday!

For a moment I thought you didn’t have a birthday cake. It was only afterwards that I realized it was hidden under those tons of candles! Happy Birthday!

Do you know how many people are celebrating their birthday today? At least 16,000,000! Well, you should feel flattered that I chose your party out of all the others! Happy Birthday!

Oh my, it’s so nice to be healthy, young and full of vitality! Do you remember this time? Happy Birthday!

Some say that time is a healer! Too bad he’s not a beautician! Happy Birthday!

I’ve been waiting 365 days to wish you your birthday! Finally the big day has arrived! What happiness! It is with tears in my eyes and a heart so happy that I wish you the most beautiful birthday!

Your white hair is worrying you! Don’t think about it anymore. In a few years you may not have them anymore. Be patient! Happy Birthday!

I wanted to write you a poem for your birthday but unfortunately I couldn’t find any word that rhymed with “old junk”…so I just wish you a happy birthday!

It’s your birthday! Know that you will never be this young again…so have fun. But be careful…because you’ve never been this old… Happy birthday, you young branch.

Happy Birthday! Occasionally you’ll remind me how old you are, but as you know I have trouble remembering large sets of numbers!

I was planning to get you a nice expensive gift for your birthday, but then I remembered that you already have me! So you’ll only get this little tidbit. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to you! One more year and you’ll be perfect! (Yes, I know, I said that last year.)

They say that life is like a roll of toilet paper…the more you get to the end, the faster it goes! So enjoy life and don’t roll out your Q paper too fast. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to you! One more year…time to set the world on fire!!! Well, maybe start with your birthday candles already, it’s safer!