Birthday Texts Messages

399+ Best Birthday Texts Messages

Here are the Best 399+ Birthday Texts Messages for your Friends, Love and for your Family Members that you can text them on their beautiful birthdays.

Best Happy Birthday Wishes

Birthday Texts Messages

Happy Birthday Texts Messages
Birthday Texts Messages

On this very special day, you are the king of the day! Enjoy this day where everything is allowed to you, or almost… Happy birthday!

Today is a doubly important day: the day we wish you a happy birthday, and the day we remind you with these few words that you are an important person in our eyes. Happy Birthday!

May this new year that is starting for you be rich in gifts of course, but don’t forget that the most beautiful gift is the one that life offers you: to be in good health, to meet new people, to live prosperous and fulfilled! Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you, stay true to yourself and to your humor that makes us laugh, and that I hope will make us laugh for a long time to come!

Every year that passes is an additional difficulty to blow out the candles. Fortunately, you can count on your most faithful friends to help you get through this terrible ordeal! Happy birthday to you!

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Youth is in the mind, and for that I know that you plan to stay forever young… So enjoy this beautiful birthday that awaits you on this day!Count your life by smiles not tears and count your age by friends not years. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday with 12 months of happiness, 52 weeks of joy and prosperity, 8,760 hours of joy, 525,600 minutes of health, 31,536,000 seconds of love.
In good times and in bad, your smile comforts us as always, for these 18 springs, I wish you a happy birthday!

Happy birthday my beautiful, I will always be there for you! I think of you very strongly and I love you very much! Your friend forever.

I know you haven’t slept in a week so much, you are waiting for that birthday card. I know that’s all you can think about now, all you can think about is the moment you open my birthday card. So let me tell you the good news, my birthday card, you FINALLY have it in your hands! Happy Birthday!

I wish you a very happy birthday, because you are someone who means a lot to me and whom I appreciate a lot. I hope to be your friend for life and wish you all the happiness in the world, because you are really a special person.

It’s amazing how much fun you can have and how much you can laugh… when it’s someone else who just got old! Happy birthday to you!

A friend like you is a gift from God! Something strong, precious and rare… I only hope to earn your friendship and give you back the assurance you bring to my life!

They say that wisdom comes with age… You don’t have all the signs of old age yet! Happy birthday to you!

Recipe for a successful birthday: loved ones to wish you, friends to celebrate, lots of gifts to spoil you… Here are these three elements together today, let’s make this day a magical moment. Happy birthday to you.

Birthdays are occasions for a new start, time for new initiatives with new goals and to move forward with confidence and courage.

You are a special person, I wish you a wonderful day and a fabulous year.

May this year be better and full of joy and may it bring you much health, success and happiness! Happy Birthday!

Life is a wonderful journey, so enjoy every mile. Happy birthday to you.

Have a great day and a fabulous year. Happy Birthday!

Birthdays are filled with the memories of yesterday, the joys of today and the dreams of tomorrow. Happy Birthday!

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Best Birthday Wishes

For every year you go through, keep track of the good things, not your age; your best experiences, not your mistakes. Happy birthday to the greatest person in the world!

On your birthday, let your thoughts be on the future rather than the past – the best is yet to come! Happy birthday, my friend!

Happy birthday to a funny, charming, well-liked, kind person – in short, a bit like me! Best wishes, exceptional person!

For your birthday, I wish you lots of happiness, as little trouble as possible, and a whole load of dreams come true.

A birthday is one of the most important days of the year – may yours be filled with the light of life and lots of laughter. Happy Birthday!

Words fail me to express my pleasure to wish you a “happy birthday” for this new year of your life. You are very dear to me.

Roses can be red and violets can be blue, you intimidate every color of the rainbow. Happy birthday to the most fantastic person I know!

For you my friend – thank you for eating bread with me no matter what color it is. You are truly the best.

I know that with or without me your birthday is a special day, but I have to say that you are the best friend I have ever had! Happy birthday to you.

A birthday is a time to celebrate the existence of someone you love. I wish you love, joy and happiness on this special day. Happy Birthday.

So you’ve been occupying all this space in my life for so many years? Come on, stay there, since you feel so good! Happy birthday to you!

On your birthday, I would like to thank you for sharing with me all these wonderful memories and I hope we will have many more together in the future.

May this year be a great year that means a lot to you! May the stars shine and may your biggest dreams come true. Happy New Year to you and Happy Birthday.

Whatever you have learned in the past year, I hope it will help you build the best year of your life! Happy birthday and congratulations.

Every candle you blow out is a year that you have graced the world with your lovely presence. Thank you for that and happy birthday!

One more candle means a wiser and warmer new year ahead. Thank you for being born to share your wisdom with us.

Thank God for not tagging you a prize at birth, because I could never have acquired a sibling as wonderful as you!

I may not be with you on this special day, but know that you mean more to me than anything else in the world. Happy Birthday, my darling sister! I can’t think of a better gift to give you today than to tell you from the bottom of my heart how much I love you!

A few years ago, I made a wish when I saw a shooting star. That wish came true when you decided to spend the rest of your life with me. Happy birthday to the most wonderful person in my life! I will always love you!

Thank you for giving my life a meaning. Everything I am today, I owe to you, and I am eternally grateful. Happy birthday to the one who means the most to me!

With a simple smile, you can save the worst days of my life. Thank you for occupying this unique place in my life. I will always adore you.

When you’ve had your day, you’ll explain to me why you’re the only buddy I can always count on in times of trouble. Happy Birthday, friend!

You who devote so much of your life to others, enjoy the one day that is truly yours.

Happy birthday, and thank you for all you do.

Happy birthday, and on this special day: goodbye troubles, worries, quarrels… Make way for happiness and joy!

Call up your friends, dismiss your worries. It’s now or never.

Life is short, but it offers good moments. This day is one of them, so make the most of it! Happy birthday to you!