Birthday Texts Messages

399+ Best Birthday Texts Messages

Birthday Texts for Friends

Birthday Texts for Friends
Birthday Texts for Friends

Again a year has passed, and much nonsense you have committed.
Stay merry, stay happy, because that makes us happy too.
Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to you, You always feel like celebrating
So let’s have a good time today, Then we’ll all have something to laugh about.

Today is your special day and because I like you especially,
I wish you only the best on your xxth birthday.

Three beers, two Korn, one Jägermeister,
Tomorrow you won’t know what to do.
Because we celebrate until nothing more goes
and even the last one is no longer standing.

First wrinkles and gray hair, it becomes more and more from year to year.
But don’t let it get you down, and think of the things that still lie ahead of you.

To a new year,
To the past that was.
To the new that is yet to come,
To the stars on the horizon.
Here’s to our friendship never fading away,
and endures above all else.

Joy, happiness, contentment, success, fun and health All this we wish you, on your xxth birthday here.

Now you are already xx years, so fast the days went by.
Stay as you are, do not change, because the way you are is absolutely right.

Your birthday today will be legendary, because we all like you very much.
So let the corks pop and let the music echo through all the streets.

Congratulations here and empty phrases there, that’s not for me, you know that.
From there to the birthday all love, all the best, happiness, health and peace.

Raise your cups and glasses, Today everyone here congratulates you.
We celebrate with you until dawn, We’re going to spend the night together.
Now let’s get down to business, because today is your special day.

Today we are all here, because you are xx year today.
That we celebrate this is clear, Let’s storm the bar.

Your birthday is today, and with you many people celebrate.
I also congratulate you with all my heart, Make a wish and blow out the candles.

All the best here, all the love there, You have a birthday every year.
But it is always wonderful to see what was so last year.
So I wish you also this year all the happiness in the world and hope your dreams come true.

The corks pop, confetti flies, what’s the reason for that again?
It is not carnival, nor Silvetser and you can’t hear an orchestra.
Today we celebrate only with you, because we’re here for your birthday.

Today we are all here, and bring with us a lot of beer.
Also have a few bottles of champagne, so your birthday will be perfect.

I wish you a happy birthda and maybe it sounds crazy.
But as you are, you are the best, and that’s what we’re celebrating on your birthday.

High you shall live and float on the clouds.
You shall shine with happiness today, for today you will always remember.

There is still so much to see, From Paris to Rome, to Athens.
The whole world is still open to you, but fortunately we have met.
I wish you a happy birthday, and that you find it, the next route.

A true friend is the one who takes your hand but touches your heart.

Every day in life is unique. It will never exist again. Just as there is you only once, because you are also unique.

Sometimes you lose someone out of sight, but never out of your heart! Happy birthday.

You don’t have to meet often. The main thing is never to lose each other.

Wherever you are, whatever you do, whether you laugh or cry, whether someone loves you or everyone hates you: You can always count on me!

Thank you, for all the priceless experiences, moments and moments. I’m glad you’re here. Happy Birthday.

Friendship is when the first time you see each other after a long time, you feel like you just saw each other yesterday.

There comes a time in your life when you realize who really matters to you, who never has and who always will.

The best friends are not the ones you see every day, but the ones you have in your heart.

It’s called friendship because with friends you can do anything.

Life includes hard decisions, ice cold words, disappointments, sadness, goodbyes, despair, but luckily also wonderful people like YOU! Happy Birthday!

Friends are the people who don’t ask for your path, but just walk it with you.

A friend is someone who sees your smile but senses that your soul is crying.

Having friends means a lot in life, but you have to cherish the friendship! So I finally want to tell you how nice it is to have you!

Friendship is a door between two people. It can creak sometimes, it sticks now and then, but it is never closed!