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Happy Birthday Message for Brother

Happy Birthday Message for Brother
Happy Birthday Message for Brother

Today is your birthday,
my dear and beloved little brother,
so be happy and full of joy,
delighted to share it with you.

You are the eldest of the siblings, with whom I shared my childhood,
today is your lucky day, here we are all together.
Happy Birthday to you whom we adore,
much happiness and joy, let’s all celebrate!

You are my brother, my friend, my confidant
and today you are on the stage in front.
We pay tribute to you because you take a beautiful age.
Oh, how lovely it was when we were 20 years old!
Happy Birthday!

You like cakes and glasses of good wine,
you’re in heaven, you’re going to have plenty.
It’s your birthday so enjoy it,
today you don’t have to worry about mom or dad.
Happy Birthday my brother!

You, my brother, whom I love like my own blood,
Today is an important day for you!
Happy Birthday, I love you very much,
be happy and fulfilled and let’s keep in touch for a long time.

Happy Birthday to the nicest of my brothers!
It is not difficult because I have only one.
But of you I am really the most proud and I mean it,
you are for me the perfect idol …

Happy birthday, brother, or rather Happy Birthday!
Have a good day, without worries or misery.
May this new year fill you with happiness
and put only joy in your heart…

One more year is not a big deal,
you are still so young, and especially very brave!
A thousand wishes little brother for your birthday,
may joy flood your heart and fill you with light.

Oh dear, you just turned one year old!
Little brother, how big you are!
Happy Birthday, my most sincere wishes
and may my love enrich you on this earth.

For this extraordinary day,
Happy Birthday my brother!
May your dearest wishes come true
and may your wildest dreams come true.

A car, an Iphone, a scooter?
What will be your wish on this joyous day?
From me you’ll get only sincere words
and hugs for a wonderful brother.
No, I’m kidding, I’m giving you the gift you’ve been waiting for
but I’m not writing it, before opening it, come on…
Happy Birthday my brother and stay cool!

A gift here, a gift there, do you really deserve all this?
I think so, because you are really an exceptional brother.
I wish you an excellent birthday, full of joy
and don’t forget that your whole family loves you unconditionally…